Thursday, August 24, 2006

wow. a busy day. checked out a couple of preschools for chloe. i have a lot of emotions around the whole thing. we'll see how it goes for her and for me...! and gil, chloe and i stopped by the new school ( to talk about the classes he's teaching there. very cool. one amazing thing is we got a killer organ from the kennebunk montessori school!! she didn't want it and couldn't believe how into it i was. so we went this evening and brought it home...heavy and awkward to move, for sure. i don't know if it's just getting older and loosing strength or a center of balance thing, but i could NOT get out of it's way while gil and i were carrying shins and knees will be all black and blue for sure. but it is WILD. all these pedals and buttons and keys.

the corn is just getting better and better. chloe is so psyched to eat it which is adorable, as i've already said. and she's totally gotten the hang of how to eat around the cob, not just right through it. when we were first picking it, it was a little too early so it was crazy tender. and she could just chomp down the whole way. oh, here's a photo she took of me. she loves the tripod and digital camera and snapping pix. she took a whole was hard to pick a favorite from this one. but she kept telling me "smile, sweetie." she was having a blast and i was just melting in bliss.

oh, so gil's teaching at the new school as well as biddeford ed, and then i think i'm hooked up for teaching metalsmithing in portland as well as thru biddeford ed! which is outstanding. the unsung designers page looks amazing. thanks to grace -- i guess i'll have a bio and all that fancy stuff up after a conversion that's happening in september. i didn't do anything with the etsy competition, which is fine. there turned out to be quite a few cool entries so that's fabulous.

so ...the day we end up running errands in kbt, are illustrious prez arrives for a vaca. yeeeeeeeesh. we were going to grab lunch in a deli there...couldn't figure out why we kept passing parked cops at all the intersections...and then sat in traffic for WAY too long. finally put it together and decided to flee the scene. remembered that tin tin buffet just opened here in biddeford. it totally rocked. one of the most surreal places i've ever walked into. chloe had a BLAST, picking out food and escorting gil and i around the restaurant...checking out the trippy blue lights and chatting with the waiters. it was really fun.

a good day.

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pamela said...

very cool congrads Gil! I bet you all will be swing dancing too! Will this be his first teaching gig?