Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it happened so fast, already it's cooler in the mornings and evenings...is summer over? it's still the first week of august...i can wear my glasses in the studio again, tho. so i guess that's a plus. just about ready to send off some things to unsung designers -- thanks SO much for your patience, grace. damn.
listening to son volt right now. pretty perfect with my cup of coffee...well, that just ended and now it's the standard. moody. reminds me of portland. oregon. i put on steve malkamus (sp?) and the jicks last night in the studio and it sounded awesome. i've also been listening to a lot of lupillo rivera lately. gil says the tuba player rocks out all iron maiden-esque. totally cracked me up. i just went on a little etsy shopping spree...the coolest kanzashi from marissajoannaroja.etsy.com , a matchbook size notepad for gil from covetablecuriocities.etsy.com and a frida shirt for chloe, (rekon.etsy.com).

ok. my sister and my nephew are coming over today so i can watch the pipsqueeks while ness goes to a meeting.


north40 said...

i wickied kanzashi and now i know everything there is to know about them. at least the parts my brain will retain.

coco corral said...

that totally made me laugh. what is wickied? i lost one if the kanzashi on the beach that night. i think i might have already mentioned that.