Monday, April 30, 2007

ok. wow. so a couple months later. just survived a hellofamarchtoapril winter. brutal. but it's been a couple weeks of rain, not snow. so i don't want to relive the endless icy landscape. there was a couple days of sun somewhere once and now it's just been gray. really, i'll take it. gil's been working on insulating the barn and we'll start classes this coming september. really excited about that. would love to take a road trip this summer but i'm not sure if it will pan out. i'll be in the next sportswear international magazine - for mens accessories. that rocks. (, ).

chloe and i found the bench my dad had dedicated to my mom. it's along the eastern prom walk in portland, maine. she LOVED to walk that, briskly...vigorously. very healthy strong woman. i've walked it with her sooooooo many times, when we would come into town. and then pizza and wine at flatbreads.

i can't believe she's not here. it was so good to sit with chloe and play around the bench. but then looking at the photos just crushes my heart and i can't stop thinking about how much my mom would just love and adore and enjoy and be so blissed out with chloe. they would be such amazing friends. it's insane. oh man.