Wednesday, June 27, 2007

holy moly. summer is here and that's such a good thing. it is really humid, but again, we'll take it. learning how to manage the mosquitos a bit more. and we've been to be beach a few times already - we'll go for a dinner picnic today when gil get's home. he works with habitat for humanity a couple days a week which is nice. it's funny, tho, it already seems like too much time (working out of the home) considering what we're getting ready for this fall. still dreaming of a road trip but reality is totally infringing. damn reality.

ok. i've been looking at other blogs a bit more lately, and people seem to be posting a lot of their art work, which i am not doing much of at all. so ...i'll give it a shot. these necklaces are doing well -- and i really like making them. lots of different, odd charms.

ok. morning coffee break. we've given up and are paying $$ every few weeks to just order stumptown coffee beans from pdx. it's just too painful otherwise.