Wednesday, August 16, 2006

our friends bought this old building dtown biddeford and are remodeling it. these are two very cool cats doing very cool things. they painted it a fabulous orange color a few days ago...i think it was a somewhat stressful day for them, not knowing how the community would respond. it worked out really well, and gil and i think it totally rocks.

raja still smells like skunk. actually, the skunk might be living under our barn...or it died there. i think the odor is just starting to fade from the yard. what a fiasco! the area under raja's nose is all raw -- he's had a hard go of it. he's lucky he's so damn cute.

posted a few new things on etsy, and really enjoyed taking the snappies of the work with chloe's help. today gil and chloe are going to the park while i work in the studio. right now she's got him playing "dora house." i should go down and take a photo but i don't want to interrupt their groove. my pa came over for dinner last night and that was really nice. it was fun hanging out. ok. i should shake a tail feather.


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pamela said...

my vote is- xcellent choice!
great way to make a landmark. The blue trim is a sweet addition. Color thy Bidde I say!