Sunday, July 30, 2006

out of the twelve years i've been pounding on metal, i've never hit anything as hard as i hammered my thumb yesterday. it bled and turned really purple. i haven't looked at it much -- just put a couple dora bandaids on it. ick.

before i smacked my thumb, chloe and i found a BUNCH of cucumbers in our garden!! considering how i've neglected the garden this year i really wasn't expecting to grow anything, so we're totally psyched. and surprised. gil worked on adding a deck to the side of our house while chloe and i got rid of a ton of tall grass growing in the garden. i think we'll get a bumper crop of tomatillos -- the corn looks better than i thought, none of the chili or green pepper plants made it...i think there's watermelon and pumpkin and bush beans and pole beans...i'm not sure anymore. then there's always the monster rhubarb, which we don't do anything with. i think it's as old as this house, the rhubarb.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

hmmm. ok. i guess the article is kind of confusing the way i have it i just uploaded HUGE jpg's to the freshlowtech site. check it out here...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

happy pup. not that he has much to do with this posting except that it was a good day, and he looks the part.

so, continued from yesterday's post, the tribune didn't have a digital version of the article...and i thought jpg's would be too nutty to post and read thru, so i saved each page as a separate pdf file...four in all. they're at and i'll also list each page here:

page one
page two
page three
page four

it was a lot of fun and beatrice wrote a great article, pulling in a lot of information. today we went to the heart of biddeford's ( celebration for becoming a Main Street Maine Community, which is all about revitalizing downtowns and is part of the national trust main street center. so it's just all very exciting to be a part of and involved in and it only makes sense. this is a great town and really good things should happen to it...and the folks here. i'm babbling. it's late...and hot....and humid. and i should get into the studio for an hour or two.

it is so frustrating that it takes me a while to figure out how to log in to post. i think i've got it now, tho.

this will be the last time i start off rambling about my lack of blogging skills, ...i hope. this is a pic of miss c.v. standing near a couple of gil's paintings hanging at the union house show. i've been meaning to post a few shots from it. it's hanging for the next few weeks, and the opening was last weekend. that was amazing.

it's been really busy! which is great. i'll be carried in very soon, just a matter of getting some work to them so that's exciting. and then gil and i were interviewed for a story for the journal tribune last night -- it was published today. it's a really great article -- a lot of gil talking about biddeford and merc -- (that's gil at the union house) i'll post the article tomorrow. probably on his website, scanned and posted. i'll check if the tribune has a digital verson. and it shows the cards we developed, greetings from biddeford. if anyone looking for them finds this, the cards are for sale at our etsy site...

so it was a great turn out, lots of support and interest, and i sold my piece! it was incredibly hot and HUMID, our miss c.v. steadily became more and more unclothed as the night wore on. very funny...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

good morning!
so, actually, i post at eastern time and my blogspot time zone is set at pacific time. i was too nervous setting everything up so i couldn't deal with editing it. i'll change it later.
this is a pic of chloe, gil and raja hanging out in gil's part of the barn...he has the top level for a painting studio. we're still working on the studio space...but it feels good even not really set up...

gil, chloeviolet, rajabear and i went to cambridge this weekend and stayed at the hotel marlowe there. it rocked. really nice AND they take dogs. raja's stayed at a kimpton group hotel in seattle and san fran, so he knows the drill. i've been to boston a zillion times but never to cambridge. it was really inspiring and lots of good energy. and reminded gil and i how much we miss diversity/urban living. oh well. then we took chloe to the aquarium, which was very cool -- but chaotic, and then we went to ikea which was just plain chaotic. yeesh.

about to send out word bands and heart cigar bands and an assortment of knock on wood stuff to seaplane ( so in the studio for that. and for which i'll be up and running with soon. that feels really good -- i was dreaming about one of the rings i'm working on last night, that a chunk of the wood fell out just as it was almost finished. anxiety dream. gotta have em, i guess.


Monday, July 24, 2006

ok. let me try this again. i was midpost and my browser crashed.
which is ok in some ways, since all i was saying is i was having a hard time posting. i shouldn't even bring it up now. i think i've learned a lot in the past ten minutes.

hmmm. but i really don't have much to say. i mean, i do. but it's hard to organize my thoughts.

well, if you're in biddeford or close by GO TO union house coffee. it rocks. the coffee is amazing. the people are great. very cool art work. it's exactly what biddeford needs. hellsbells, it's exactly what southern maine needs. in my opinion.

i just started to sell at ferdinand in portland maine. munjoy hill area. very cool. and favela chic in kennebunkport. it feels good to be in the studio again after a long hiatus, post cross country move and trauma.

i better publish this before it crashes again. just in case...