Saturday, August 19, 2006


chloe's finally asleep and gil's watching brazil. i do really like that movie, but it also seriously gives me the eebie jeebies, and i just don't feel like putting myself thru it right now. so. so i won't. i posted a few things to etsy. kind of thinking about the etsycraft competition they have going on. but i don't know how well my style fits in with what's been submitted so far. i guess that's no reason not to do it...but i'd have a hard time not being at least a little tongue in cheek about it. we'll see.

MANOMAN, corn. we are growing the yummiest corn! and it's so beautiful. from the huge deep green with white veined leaves. and the green-to-maroon cornsilks...and they layers and layers of husks...and the bamboo-like stalks. and all of this doesn't compare to the incredibly fresh tasting treat of offthestalk corn. i had NO idea. i've never been a real fan of eating corn...but this is a totally different experience. and then chloe is so painfully beautiful and sweet eating the corn...pulling of the husk and the "hair" and just chomping away totally content. it's the most amazing thing i've ever seen. she loves the whole concept of eating ANYTHING that comes out of the garden since she was such an integral part of starting the seedlings and transplanting them, and planting seeds directly in the ground and feeding and watering and she even did a LOT of weeding. figuring out really quick what should stay and what should go. and looking at the progress every morning. it's just beyond amazing.

ok. the garden pic is from a few weeks ago...i didn't take one today. but you get the idea. everything is just taller and greener and vegetable-ier.


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pamela said...

can't grow that in ABQ! well done on your garden Martha would be proud.
If you have netflix the movie I'm recommending is 'How to Draw A Bunny'. a little art history, a little documentary, a little mystery, and great art.