Saturday, August 25, 2007

so. let me stick with a running theme here and discuss the weather. it's super hot and muggy and to be honest, i am not complaining. it was chilly last week and i wanted to weep that the beach weather was over. we went to the beach today and swam in bitterly cold water (my ears still hurt) but we SWAM and we swam to cool off and that was really a good thing and i didn't mind that i couldn't wear my glasses in the studio today because they actually impaired my vision so you know. i dread the coming snow. we also just purchased a new fancy pants macpro laptop that i'm typing right now. it will help tremendously for all of the fancy pants shows coming up this september.
oh. on that note. check this out. the link doesn't show anything now but it will tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

holy moly. summer is here and that's such a good thing. it is really humid, but again, we'll take it. learning how to manage the mosquitos a bit more. and we've been to be beach a few times already - we'll go for a dinner picnic today when gil get's home. he works with habitat for humanity a couple days a week which is nice. it's funny, tho, it already seems like too much time (working out of the home) considering what we're getting ready for this fall. still dreaming of a road trip but reality is totally infringing. damn reality.

ok. i've been looking at other blogs a bit more lately, and people seem to be posting a lot of their art work, which i am not doing much of at all. so ...i'll give it a shot. these necklaces are doing well -- and i really like making them. lots of different, odd charms.

ok. morning coffee break. we've given up and are paying $$ every few weeks to just order stumptown coffee beans from pdx. it's just too painful otherwise.


Monday, April 30, 2007

ok. wow. so a couple months later. just survived a hellofamarchtoapril winter. brutal. but it's been a couple weeks of rain, not snow. so i don't want to relive the endless icy landscape. there was a couple days of sun somewhere once and now it's just been gray. really, i'll take it. gil's been working on insulating the barn and we'll start classes this coming september. really excited about that. would love to take a road trip this summer but i'm not sure if it will pan out. i'll be in the next sportswear international magazine - for mens accessories. that rocks. (, ).

chloe and i found the bench my dad had dedicated to my mom. it's along the eastern prom walk in portland, maine. she LOVED to walk that, briskly...vigorously. very healthy strong woman. i've walked it with her sooooooo many times, when we would come into town. and then pizza and wine at flatbreads.

i can't believe she's not here. it was so good to sit with chloe and play around the bench. but then looking at the photos just crushes my heart and i can't stop thinking about how much my mom would just love and adore and enjoy and be so blissed out with chloe. they would be such amazing friends. it's insane. oh man.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

late winter blues. oh my god. it is so bleak. bleak and cold and bleak and cold and really fucking bleak. actually. today was lower thirties and i swear that helped a lot. i still didn't go out much at all.

the i heart love show was a blast, tho. crazy crunch time right up to the end. long late hours while the family is tucked up in bed comfy cozy, where it makes you (meaning me) swear a lot at how much art sucks and what the hell am i (meaning anyone) doing anyways. which i know gil goes thru right before an art show, too. and then all of the unsettled feeling the day leading up to it and just thinking, how bad would it actually be if i bail now. i mean, all of the prep and food and wine buying and all the worrying about little bits of this and that and you just hope people show up. and then, they do and it's a good thing and people are psyched and then you're psyched and glad you did it and love art and expression. so it was really a success in all the ways i would define success. neither gil or i really focused to take many photos...but what we managed to snap, i posted at . wow alonzo mourning is wearing the biggest kick ass ring. just introduced mary k blige ...she's singing - really nice. chloe's asleep next to me on the couch and gil's sitting right here, too. raja's snoring on his doggie bed. so it is a really really nice evening. watching the nba all star thang. mellow and content. safe and sound.
ok. babble babble. tomorrow night friends are coming over for miso and saki. i'm totally looking forward to it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

good lord. i can't believe it's been almost two months since i've written. the xmas season ROCKED with chloe violet. she was amped, i was amped. we both almost passed out each night from eachother's amped-ness. and then, in her crazy ultimate coolness, january 2nd, when i said we had to take all of the xmas decorations down, instead of the protest i expected, she was totally into helping and putting everything in its box to go to sleep for the year. so that was a blast, too. we had an amazing new year's eve party. still not quite sure what motivated us to do it. but since all the bands we last minute asked if they could come play in our (cold) barn weren't able to make it (and a LOT took the time out to say that they couldn't...which was equally amazing) we rented this crazy gear to project music dvds...the pixies, calexico, devo, blasters, nick cave, ...gillian welch, i'm forgeting some. but it was a lot of fun. and then we've all been working really hard on art stuff (i have a valentines show coming up at the heart of biddeford) and house stuff. chloe started preschool which she loves. and THEN we all got really really really sick. so that's just what we're shaking off now. no more, no less. oh, i finally got my tattoo that i've been waiting for. phuc at tsunami did an amazing's still not done. i kind of had to dig in my heals to make sure both arms got done in this past sitting, but i couldn't leave without it. i mean, it took almost two months to get this appointment so, you know. the words are done but not the graphics. we're hitting the road this summer so maybe i can get in with paul at infinity...