Saturday, September 02, 2006

ok. so i've been looking for these bumper stickers for almost two years now. finally found them in a filing cabinet by the computer. looked there a millions times before but whatever. i don't want to put them on this car anymore, but hopefully we'll be able to trade in for a hybrid soon, and put them on there. i guess. i just really like them. i've never put bumper stickers on my car so it's all very exciting to me.

the mug in the photo is full of hot water, oranges and scotch. before that i had benedryll. before that, sudafed. intermixed in all of that, major doses of multi-vites and green tea. i'm totally sick and the mediation with the lawyer is tomorrow. i feel like i'm in a fish bowl. the timing is an outrage. or just related, i guess.

chloe did the most amazing drawing today. she drew a stick person...or a head with arms and legs. can most three year olds do that? i remember doing that when i was five. i was so excited i sprinted across the whole hog farm to tell gil. which made chloe even more proud.

it's a couple days later from when i started this posting...still have the cold but it's getting better. chloe rode with gil on the little tractor yesterday to help mow the lawn. she LOVES to drive. we have a crazy big yard, especially for being in town. kind of hate the fact that we have a sit mower...but it would be five hours of mowing otherwise. it is really funny to watch gil do the thing, tho. he puts it in it's highest gear and hauls tushie around the yard at high speeds. it's kind of a chaotic mowing experience.

starting to work on some hair accessories, and getting together a few items to send out for a photo shoot in pdx. just trying to update everything. and recover from the past couple weeks. i'll be teaching classes at portland pottery and metalsmithing in ...well, in portland. excited about that. not sure if the biddeford ed. class is going to go...which is fine either way. things are busy enough. gil will start teaching right after labor day. kind of crazy getting everything ready.

so more updated shots of the garden. it looks a lot lusher in person, with tons of sun flowers blooming now and marigolds and other random flowers from the seed mix. i haven't posted any work related shots in a while...but i'll get a few things done and here long enough to shoot. i thought i was going to write a lot more of relevance...if i remember, i'll write more later.

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