Sunday, September 24, 2006

wow. it's been a while. things have been busy, for sure.
but also september has been SPEEDING by. crazyweird. next weekend is the thing in falmouth, so i'm scrambling making as much work as i can for that. tiggam bought the orbit ring on etsy!! i'm so excited, and relieved that there are others out there with the same rockin good eye for design....;)! so i'm also working on sizing it up this week a bit. and then got another order off our our website so that feels amazing. i think -- hope -- a box of stuff made it to pdx to be photographed in a spread for the next issue of the livery (

OH and stripey went chrysallis last week!! it's very exciting. he has these beautiful irredescent flakes you can kind of see thru the cocoon. i had a dream last night that he finally emerged. we also have a BIG pumpkin growing in the garden. and we're getting lots of pinto beans! it's hard to time picking them, kind of. need to go look for more ready pods today.

ok. just a quick update.


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pamela said...

congrads on selling the orbit ring! I just read your description and it sounds like the cab is a blue goldstone. Whoever bought it is gonna be stoked when they see that glitterfest that goes on with that stone.