Thursday, September 07, 2006

wow! i'm on 's front page right now. very cool. knock on wood rings. which rocks because i really love those rings.

and i am just figuring out all of the cool resources on etsy. i need to investigate further. there's a spot where you can list your fave picks and others check them out. this is probably old news to everyone ...but me. i also learned while cruising etsy lists that other...ahem... people are watching rockstar supernova and we're not freaks. i'm totally hooked. and could actually talk about it a lot.

on that note, if anyone has any cellular phone suggestions. we have a verizon contract...i guess it's up. but i know if i trade in my old gimpy phone for some new whizbang thing, i get a credit off the price, but also another two year commitment? any new verizon groovy phone recommendations?

so we have this caterpillar that started out super tiny and now is almost two and a half inches long. and eats a ton of milkweed. and while i'm sure there is milkweed closer to us than the middle school...that's the only place i KNOW there's milkweed so every two days i'm driving across town to pick a few leaves for stripey (named by chloe) with a VORACIOUS appetite. dang. he is cute, tho. or she. s/he is cute, tho. antennae waving around and all that. i know more about caterpillar poop than i ever thought i would.

and we got a drill press. i'm psyched. i set out to put it together myself. the directions were to macho nacho to just tell me how to put the bolt bits together so i had to wait until gil got home and ask him what i did with the weird little split black ring. he said it was a locking ...nut? or locking washer? i can't remember now. at any rate, i had it all headed the right direction so it would have worked out ok.

GIL is at the high school, teaching his first class!! drawing. very cool! he described to me what he'll be covering and it sounds like a really amazing class. very psyched and proud. i'm teaching a one shot class kind of thing at the portland studio tomorrow. to nine year old boys. six of them. the elected to learn how to make silver rings. i'm not sure what nine year old boys are like. either solo or in a group of six. i'll let you know how it went.


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pamela said...

the supernova thing is, well freaky.
good luck on your schoolin' the boys should be fun. Can't wait to hear and maybe see their work?