Sunday, July 30, 2006

out of the twelve years i've been pounding on metal, i've never hit anything as hard as i hammered my thumb yesterday. it bled and turned really purple. i haven't looked at it much -- just put a couple dora bandaids on it. ick.

before i smacked my thumb, chloe and i found a BUNCH of cucumbers in our garden!! considering how i've neglected the garden this year i really wasn't expecting to grow anything, so we're totally psyched. and surprised. gil worked on adding a deck to the side of our house while chloe and i got rid of a ton of tall grass growing in the garden. i think we'll get a bumper crop of tomatillos -- the corn looks better than i thought, none of the chili or green pepper plants made it...i think there's watermelon and pumpkin and bush beans and pole beans...i'm not sure anymore. then there's always the monster rhubarb, which we don't do anything with. i think it's as old as this house, the rhubarb.

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pamela said...

I got green chile to grow down here in florida (in the ground not in pots) in a spot that tomatos like- only thing was that they weren't hot because we don't get the cold nights. Thats the key to a hot chile and a good tomato. I ordered my seeds from NM -got a bag of green chile powder too while I was at it. I still order cases of stewed green chile from Monroes for when i get the fever...
Hope your thumb feels better and your nail doesn't fall out.
gosh that sounds so gross.
Heres to a quick recovery!