Monday, July 24, 2006

ok. let me try this again. i was midpost and my browser crashed.
which is ok in some ways, since all i was saying is i was having a hard time posting. i shouldn't even bring it up now. i think i've learned a lot in the past ten minutes.

hmmm. but i really don't have much to say. i mean, i do. but it's hard to organize my thoughts.

well, if you're in biddeford or close by GO TO union house coffee. it rocks. the coffee is amazing. the people are great. very cool art work. it's exactly what biddeford needs. hellsbells, it's exactly what southern maine needs. in my opinion.

i just started to sell at ferdinand in portland maine. munjoy hill area. very cool. and favela chic in kennebunkport. it feels good to be in the studio again after a long hiatus, post cross country move and trauma.

i better publish this before it crashes again. just in case...


pamela said...

sweet! welcome to the world of blogging. feel free to pop over on my page and steal anything you'd like- page counters etc etc.

coco corral said...

hey hon!
thanks! i will cruise by! read chloe dig ivan dig and the girl with a gator on her head last night. two of her favorite bookies. we found a stuffed dig ivan dig so now we act out the story with a plastic shovel and a cigar box full of dried pinto beans.