Tuesday, July 25, 2006

good morning!
so, actually, i post at eastern time and my blogspot time zone is set at pacific time. i was too nervous setting everything up so i couldn't deal with editing it. i'll change it later.
this is a pic of chloe, gil and raja hanging out in gil's part of the barn...he has the top level for a painting studio. we're still working on the studio space...but it feels good even not really set up...

gil, chloeviolet, rajabear and i went to cambridge this weekend and stayed at the hotel marlowe there. it rocked. really nice AND they take dogs. raja's stayed at a kimpton group hotel in seattle and san fran, so he knows the drill. i've been to boston a zillion times but never to cambridge. it was really inspiring and lots of good energy. and reminded gil and i how much we miss diversity/urban living. oh well. then we took chloe to the aquarium, which was very cool -- but chaotic, and then we went to ikea which was just plain chaotic. yeesh.

about to send out word bands and heart cigar bands and an assortment of knock on wood stuff to seaplane (www.e-seaplane.com) so in the studio for that. and for unsungdesigners.com which i'll be up and running with soon. that feels really good -- i was dreaming about one of the rings i'm working on last night, that a chunk of the wood fell out just as it was almost finished. anxiety dream. gotta have em, i guess.


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