Thursday, July 27, 2006

happy pup. not that he has much to do with this posting except that it was a good day, and he looks the part.

so, continued from yesterday's post, the tribune didn't have a digital version of the article...and i thought jpg's would be too nutty to post and read thru, so i saved each page as a separate pdf file...four in all. they're at and i'll also list each page here:

page one
page two
page three
page four

it was a lot of fun and beatrice wrote a great article, pulling in a lot of information. today we went to the heart of biddeford's ( celebration for becoming a Main Street Maine Community, which is all about revitalizing downtowns and is part of the national trust main street center. so it's just all very exciting to be a part of and involved in and it only makes sense. this is a great town and really good things should happen to it...and the folks here. i'm babbling. it's late...and hot....and humid. and i should get into the studio for an hour or two.

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