Sunday, November 02, 2008

this is from carla bozulich. xoxox

The Night Porter goes maverick

Dear friends - 

We wanted to pass these two songs onto you before the US election on Nov.4. Politics make us sick and all we can do sometimes is yell about it and bash things around. The Night Porter (Carla Bozulich, Shahzad Ismaily, Jessica Catron, Ches Smith) recorded these songs 2+ years ago . Bad times---but even worse now. Though our album is still not out, we wanted to give you these songs as a farewell to George Bush and a hope for an end to imperial fascism, racism, sexism, war, and economic imbalance in our lifetimes.

The songs: Monkeys & Set Self On Fire
- both available for free download at this link:
http://www. carlabozulich. com/News1. html

If you have a minute, please contact someone undecided about how important it is to VOTE. 

Bush is out. The end of an era? THEY can't do what they do without all of us towing the line.

The Night Porter album is currently being mixed by Steve "Golden Ears" Fisk with his badass wizardry. the songs keep coming. finished soon. label pending.


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