Saturday, November 04, 2006

holy moly, it's chilly this morning.

i have so much catching up to do, in terms of halloween and trick or treating stories. and gil's art show. and our anniversary. but i want to post a few shots of our dia de los muertos alter right now, so i guess i'll just work backwards in time.

chloe really wanted yaya and grampa to have the popcorn from her trickortreat stash, so she popped it in the microwave for them - just from her. the frog's leap wine is my mom's favorite. the corralejo tequila for gil's pa. a portland oregon brew for elliott smith...tons of other items mostly for my mom and gil's dad. russell added a crossword for his grandma and a tennis ball for his pup. couldn't get my hands on marigolds so patricia helped with the flowers and now i know for next year she can get them with a week or two notice. it kicks up a lot but it also feels really really good putting it together and sitting with it over the few days. you know.


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