Monday, October 16, 2006

wow. it's chilly this morning. or at least that's what the thermometer says...i actually did pretty well getting out of bed this morning. i mean, it didn't feel particularly cold. all the insulating gil has done to this 1880 home is making a difference. altho, he says he's always impressed by how well it's built and that it has a lot of insulation, already. so cool. or warm. whatever.

but REALLY what i sat down to write is gil sold a painting at milling around again! we've very happy. it's a beautiful painting. i'll post a photo later. he's starting to work on a series about el paso, tx. i love it already.

so it was a good weekend and feels like it's going to be a good day, knock on wood. i couldn't sleep much last night...just lots of ideas whirling i am a little extra sleepy...but good.

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